School And Institutional Regulations

The Tobacco-Free Schools Act now includes non-medical marijuana in the text that refers to prohibitions. The RMC Health organization offers to work with school districts to provide training, education and technical assistance to review and modify current standards to comply with the updated law.

More Resources For Evidence-Based Study Programs:

  • National list of study programs based on tests that prevent or reduce marijuana use by young people.
  • Breakdown profitability prevention programs marijuana in youth Public Policy Institute of Washington State (Washington State Institute for Public Policy ).
  • Marijuana can affect the ability to pay for college
  • Because it is still illegal under federal law, any charge for consumption or possession can mean the loss of an adolescent’s opportunity to obtain federal financial assistance. This includes, among other benefits, Perkins loans, Pell grants, the Federal Education Opportunity Supplemental Scholarship (SEOG), PLUS loans, and student employment programs.
  • The real R of article 484 of the Higher Education Act of 1998 establishes that a student who has received a conviction as a result of a crime of controlled substances (which include marijuana) does not meet the requirements to obtain any of the financial assistance mentioned above. Make sure your students understand the impact that marijuana use can have on their ability to pay for college education.

Concerns About Child Abuse And Neglect

If you suspect abuse or neglect (that is, the health and well-being of a child are threatened), you must inform them in your capacity as a professional obliged to make this type of complaints.

You can get more information about the signs of child abuse and neglect at the Colorado Department of Social Services or by accessing training for professionals who are required to report. Call the Colorado Child Abuse and Abuse Hotline if you suspect this type: 1-844-CO-4-KIDS.

If you have questions about whether marijuana use is affecting a child’s well-being, contact the Department of Social Services directly.